Sunday, 17 July 2016

Sew it begins!

I have sewn for donkeys years, clothes for the girls, myself. Curtains, Roman Blinds, basically I will give anything a go!

A few years back a friend and I where out for the day and saw a sign, 'Try Quilting' Workshop £5. Now we like a bargain so signed up. That is how normal people take a perfectly good piece of material, cut it up into small bits then sew it back together again, begin!

Here I am 3+ years later still cutting and sewing, but I have added, very recently 'Embroidery' to my list.

I am currently working on two 'sew alongs' the first is the  Splendid Sampler with Pat Sloan 2 blocks a week have been released, although I am behind, I am thoroughly enjoying this as it is pushing me to try new skills.

The other one is Bee-utiful Quilt Along

this is mainly embroidery blocks which will be put together to make a quilt!

It is ages since I have embroidered, currently I need something relatively simple to do as my concentration levels are very bad.

Due to coming off some medication, but on the plus side, the side effects have totally gone

The doctor is trying to find a new medication for me

in the meantime I sew, it keeps my mind occupied,

and I'm enjoying  myself. Any stitches I don't know how to do, I check out You tube!

Its fun

I like doing new things

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