Monday, 7 August 2017

Pin Cushion, Dress and Harry Potter

I maynot have been blogging but I have been doing some sewing. The summer for me is mainly spent in my garden, I am a BIG gardener and not your average garden for the UK either, if you would like to take a look it is here.

I have made a Dachshund pin cushion

but I can't bear to put pins in it!

After our daughters wedding I decided I wanted to get back into dressmaking again, so asked the lovely lady who made my dress for the wedding if she would be prepared to teach me, she said yes, as long as I worked around her brides.

So we have been having a lovely time, she is such a lovely lady so made a toile, the first pattern I used I did not like once it was made up, so very releaved I made a toile.
The 2nd pattern has two versions a slimline dress with sleeves and a more vintage style without sleeves. Yes you guessed it, I wanted to make the vintage style version and add sleeves. Here is my toile of this:-

I think you can see why I wanted sleeves.

I am not wearing my 'holdy in pants' so excuse the lumps and bumps.

So I began the cutting out

and before you say, the fabric is none directional.
I have actually now nearly finished, it is lined and has a concealed zip as well and is looking good, I will post photos of the finished dress shortly.

One of my daughters friends from University has just recently had a baby, S (friend) is Harry Potter mad, and when I say mad I mean mad, she had a Harry Potter 30th birthday party and everyone had to dress up as something or someone from HP.

Anyway  did a bit of research and found a Harry Potter baby cube so made her one

HP's fringe lifts up and you can see his scar.

Quidditch rings.

The Snitch

She was over the moon and said to my daughter it was the best baby present they had, had, and they had had a lot. I am thrilled.

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